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Code: CL210
Duration: 4 days ( 30 hours)
Actual Course Fee: Course Fee:- 12500/-
Study Material: Redhat Official Curriculum

Course Details

  • Redhat Openstack Architecture
  • Redhat Openstack Installation
  • Use the Horizon Web Interface
  • Install and Secure the Message Broker
  • Deploy the Keystone Identity Service
  • Manage Users with the Keystone Command
  • Install the Swift Object Storage Service
  • Deploy a Swift Storage Node
  • Configure Swift Object Storage Service Rings
  • Deploy the Swift Object Storage Proxy Service
  • Validate the Swift Object Storage Configuration
  • Deploy the Glance Image Service
  • Use glance to Upload a System Image
  • Install the Cinder Service and Manage Volumes
  • Add a Redhat Storage Volume to Cinder
  • Install Openstack Networking
  • Configure Openstack Networking
  • Compute and Controller Services
  • Install Nova Compute and Controller
  • Deploy Instances Using the Command Line
  • Prepare the Nova Compute Node
  • Configure the Nova Compute Node
  • Configure Networking on the Nova Compute Node and Launch an Instance
  • Install and Configure the Heat Orchestration Service
  • Deploy the Cellometer Metering Service
  • Metering with Cellometer