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Project Engineer,Wipro,Mumbai.

Welcome to Wipro Limited! Congratulations on joining us as a Project Engineer.

For us at Wipro, success is the outcome of choice and expectations, more than a matter of circumstance, and we are delighted that you have chosen us.

We have an introductory session on your day of joining, which will provide you with a brief overview of Wipro, its Policies and Practices. This would come in handy to help you settle in at work. We also have a specially designed, interactive workshop to introduce you to something close to our heart and our way of life - the Spirit of Wipro.


Project Engineer,Cognizant Technology, Pune.

Welcome to Cognizant Technology! Congratulations on joining us as a Project Engineer.

As a famous quote states 'Ambition is Innate, but the journey needs insight’, When I got admitted in Akra Educations for my career study, it was like my dream came true. I was told by my seniors that Akra Education is one of the best institution in Kolkata and I was adamant of getting admitted into it. Now that I look back at what they had told me, I believe that each and every word of theirs was true. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Tanmoy Sil, Director of Arka Education who guided me a lot to achieve my goals. I would also like to mention that his continuous hard work and dedications is remarkable to make every students well understand about each and every topics. To be very honest, I got more in this institution than what I expected. I would like to thank him for providing us that kind of excellent quality of teaching. Still I am reaching to him for any kind of technical/carrier guidance and he is always ready to help me at any point of time. This is the speciality of this institution and specially of Mr.Tanmoy Sil. I wish Akra Educatoin all the best in it's all future endeavors.