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Code: RH413
Duration: 4 days ( 30 hours)
Actual Course Fee: Course Fee:- 12500/-
Study Material: Redhat Official Curriculum

Course Details

  • Tracking Security Updates
  • Managing Software Updates
  • Applying Security Updates
  • Validate Package Integrity and Scripts
  • Allocating Filesystems for Secure Containment
  • Implementing Filesystem Encryption
  • Secure Filesystems Using Security Related Mount Options
  • Secure individual Files with Filesystems Attributes
  • Special Permissions
  • Auditing files with Special Permission
  • Setting Default File Permission
  • Managing Access Control List
  • Using Intrusion Detection Software to Minitor Changes
  • Managing Password Aging
  • Auditing User Accounts
  • PAM syntax and Configuration
  • PAM Documentation
  • Configure Password Requirements Through PAM
  • Lock Account with Multiple Failed Login
  • Securing GRUB Bootloader
  • Modifying Text Console Settings
  • Modifying Graphical Console Setting
  • Installing an Identity Management Server
  • Adding User and Group Entries to Identity Management
  • Registering a client System with Identity Management
  • Controlling IdM User Access to Systems
  • Configuring remote Log file Management 29. Managing Log file Rotation
  • Configuring System Auditing
  • Audit Reporting
  • Writing Custom Audit Rules
  • Using Predefined Audit Rules
  • Review of iptables Basics
  • Advanced iptables